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As a girl, I spent hours playing in the woods with my friends, surrounded by the columns of trees, carpets of moss, sunlight filtering through the leaves and the music of water babbling through the rocks of the stream. We created imaginary outdoor houses, one for each of us, with simple tables and chairs for endless tea parties. It was a whole world fueled by childhood imagination.  As a painter and designer, I like to draw on those hours and bring that love of nature indoors.  I am lucky to have studied design at the Rhode Island School of Design, where we were instilled with a constant drive to discover answers to design questions.  Much of my career has been spent honing these skills while working in New York for such celebrated designers as Victoria Hagan, William Sofield, Sara Storey, and Mary Howard.  After living in Brooklyn for several years, my husband and I moved our family to the country where we enjoy constant connection with nature.  It has become my pursuit  to create textiles infused with the magic of nature to help transform homes into havens of grace, beauty and comfort.